The second build prototype

This is the second prototype that Corally produced! From the start it was clear that a new 1/12 with a Coral chassis had to be built. The Coral Chassis of the first prototype didn’t come up to the expectations. In order to still be able to test the car, Corally built this new model with a carbon chassis.

Several parts show that this model is partly handmade. Some other parts didn’t make it to the production stage. Pay attention to the damperplate above the motor. Because of the crooked connections the motor could not be placed in or removed out of the car. The fast tuning for the body posts shook loose during driving. The ring is connected over the body posts by separate rings instead of screw thread. The aluminium antenna foot did not make it to the production stage, nor did the entire front wheel suspension.

The damper with rubber cover, the power pod, the front and back axle, the O-rings and the rims were all used for years in several Corally models.

Despite the fact that this is a prototype, it can easily be recognised as a Corally model.

My thanks to the person who gave me this prototype is still big.

Corally proto2
Corally proto2 r
Corally proto2 b
Corally proto2 d
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