Corally SP12

The Corally SP12 was introduced in 1989. By then, the 1:10 scale had already been introduced so Corally used the number 12 for the smaller 1:12 scale models, followed by a letter and sometimes a number. The larger 1:10 scale models used the same type numbers.

The SP12 was a new version of the SP2. The chassis and the front suspension were completely new. Several combinations were possible, for example a light weight chassis as well as a carbon chassis. The PK Corally construction was once again used for the front wheel suspension. 

This SP12 is a standard version except the super lightweight aluminum colored chassis. 

This following SP12 features all available options at that time. Such as the black lightweight chassis, a T-bar of coral, a t-bar adjuster, the battery holders and the front wheel suspension.

The standard coral chassis in aluminum gray color of the SP12.

The coral super lightweight aluminum chassis in the gray color of the SP12. Compared to the standard chassis is a great deal of material removed.

Corally SP12 chassis2

A lightweight coral chassis in the black color of the SP12. Also in this chassis are several pieces removed.

Corally SP12 chassis3
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