About Corally12

My RC passion starts somewhere in 1976 I think. The first car was a Tamiya VW Golf Racing group 2, model number: 58025. In 1997 I bought my first Corally. An SP12G3. Since that time I have raced with all later models up to the 12SLX. Then I switched to Team Xray.

My Corally collection started in 2007 with the purchase of a Corally SPII. I did not know the model. But with some research on the internet my enthusiasm only increased. One after another Corally was bought. From close to home to the other side of the world. A PK Corally from France, a brand new SP12V from Canada, And they came from the USA, the UK, Hong Kong and Germany. Switzerland and Austria. But the rarest, the Corally SP, are both from our own Netherlands. The home of Corally.

The inventory was to limit the collection with only 1/12 chassis. Therefore the name Corally12.nl. Over time, various 1/10 chassis and other products have been added. The models on this page are all my property.

Greetings, Marc

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