Schumacher C car

Schumacher Racing Products Ltd was founded in 1980 by Cecil Schumacher, a previously successful engineer in the motor industry. He had designed transmission systems for road and racing cars before turning into the radio controlled models. After building a number of specialist tune up parts, including the world’s first “ball differential”, the C-car were the first model that went into production in 1982.

In 1982 carpet was introduced as the racing surface with the foam tyres. The corning speeds improved and the chassis design took a new direction. Gone were the flexible chassis designs. New was the use of epoxy and later carbon fiber, to give the required rigidity. The top car of that time was the Schumacher C-car. The highly successful 1/12th scale C-car dominated for several years and won the European Championships in 1985 and 1988. The C-car of Corally is one of the first produced C-cars. These are recognizable by the 1 piece front wheel suspension. Later models had a front wheel suspension consisting of 2 parts.

The C-car was the base for Corally to improve it into a better car.

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