Corally SPII

In 1988 the SP2 was the first car that only went by the name Corally. This model was only available with a saddle pack battery. The empty space between the batteries was used to secure the new suspension of the power pod. The upright axis with three O-rings of the front suspension were replaced by ball joints.

The new battery holder consisted of two plastic bowls, in which the battery cells had to be glued. Therefore, for each battery a set of bowls had to be purchased. 

The front wheel suspension, containing two ball bearings per wheel, and the differentials were preserved, as well as the aluminium screws.

Instead of the usual T-bar, Corally used a lower power pod plate, thus placing it higher up in the chassis. Because of this construction one of the two motorscrews protruded the T-bar, and the power pod didn’t have to be connected with sunken screws.

Corally SPII
Corally SPII r
Corally SP2 d
Corally SP2-2
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